seasickness on a yacht

Avoiding seasickness is the difference between a pleasant, fantastic trip on a boat, yacht or cruise ship, or all the contrary. Motion sickness has ruined more than one trip to many charter guests, so we always ask them in advance to take proper precautions.

Seasickness is basically motion sickness, and it brings feelings of nausea, dizziness, headaches and vomiting, even cold sweats. This physiological reaction comes from the misinformation sent to the brain by the eyes, inner ear and nerve sensors, even from the feet. The swaying motion of the boat is telling your brain you`re moving, but the eyes do not see any movement, so it causes confusion to the brain, bringing in the seasickness effects.

How to prevent it: Take a rest before boarding the boat. exhaustion and lack of sleep can make person more prone to motion sickness.

Antiemetic pills: Dramamine is the most famous pill used to control motion sickness. These drugs are called antiemetic and include Bonine and Dramamine, under many brands. These drugs will counter the effects of seasickness, one should take it at least an hour before boarding the yacht or boat. If you are under medication or have special health issues, talk to your doctor before, to be sure it will not affect your health.

Get fresh air: If you are already feeling ill, go out to an open deck or window, and get fresh air into your lungs. Seeing the motion can align the brain with the eyes seeing it, and make it a bit easier to handle by also focusing on the wind in your face.

Eat something: light food can help, as an empty stomach only makes matters worse. Eating too much does not make it better, either. Sipping on ginger ale is known to help, avoid alcohol if feeling sick. Avoid strong odors, specially from cigars.


Web MD has an article on motion sickness and dramamine pills, the links are in this article.


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