Catching a Marlin in Sosua

This fishing tour departed from Sosua Bay at 7:30 am, catching a 15-pound Mahi Mahi just 30 minutes into the tour. A Wahoo was the second catch, weighing 20 pounds. At around 11:00am, the Penn Senator reel let off the familiar sound, and a humongous fish was gone before the angler could take the rod and pull in. 10 minutes later, another reel goes off like an alarm, and the 180 pound Atlantic Black Marlin is hooked for good**.

Its been more than three hours into the fight, with the big fish tangling the line below its pectoral fins. Impossible to bring it up like that, so it`s time for the skipper to jump into the water and gaff the fish with a second line. This is a dangerous move, as the bill alone from that kind of fish is pretty dangerous. The Marlin was too tired to fight, and before it reached the boat it was turned upside down, belly up from exhaustion.

Caco, the skipper was also tired from swimming and maneuvering to get the fish gaffed and once back in the yacht stern he had to reel in by hand all of the second line, quite a task. Finally, the big prize was in and Felipe, the lucky angler, had his dream come true.

Felipe and Edward showing off the marlin in Sosua
The Marlin in the story fought for more than three hours off the coast of Sosua.

**Thanks to a subscriber, we updated the Marlin description to black, also the link. RIP Caco, died in a motorcycle accident one year later. Forever the perfect skipper and a good friend and father.