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Frequently Asked Questions

Sosua Fishing FAQ

This section answers the most frequently asked questions by people who haven`t yet taken a fishing charter in Sosua. You are welcome to contact us for more information, our representatives are available from 9am-6pm Eastern US time.

  • When`s the best time to go fishing, morning or afternoon? to most seasoned anglers, fishing is best in the morning, earlier as possible. There is also great fishing in the afternoon, of course but most experienced fishermen would prefer early morning 6am or 7 am. 
  • What does the fishing charter include? our charters and tours include beverages consisting of a case of beer ( small Presidentes );water bottles, and sodas ( Coke, Pepsi ). Also light sandwiches or snack chips. Most people should not eat heavy on a sailing yacht, unless experienced enough.
  • Do the charter include the crew? yes, the yacht rental includes a full crew, usually of three: captain, skipper and assistant. Some people can`t handle a giant marlin alone, so we always provide a helping hand.
  • Can I plug my smart phone to the yacht stereo? Yes, we have the aux cable with a standard 3.5mm jack plug. 
  • How can I avoid seasickness? please read our article on seasickness, all it takes is taking a dramamine pill one hour before boarding, and having enough rest before the trip. Heavy foods should also be taken 1 hour before.
  • Does the charter include professional fishing gear and bait? yes, it does include the equipment and bait, Ballyhoo is the main stock for fishing big game in the Atlantic, usually rigged with swimming lures.
  • Can we keep the fish? yes, the fish is usually split between the client and the crew, but client gets preference.
  • What yacht sizes do you offer? we offer several sizes, the top ones you can see below:

Sosua Fishing Yacht Ref #0997

This Sosua Fishing yacht is the 52` Hatteras convertible , a power horse from the famed North Carolina yacht builder. It has 3 staterooms (...

Sosua Fishing Charters Yacht Ref #1555

Sosua fishing charters can be enjoyed at a very high end with this Post yacht - boasting luxury features that make fishing and sailing...
  • When is the best season to get top fish?  it depends on what you want, take a look at our season and fish page for details on the top species.
  • Do you allow kids to come on the boat trips? children aged 5 or older can board, they should wear floating vests and be supervised by an adult, full time.
  • What do I need to reserve a charter? use the contact form and pay a deposit fee to hold the dates, will usually be $150-200.00; visit our fishing tour page for full details on costs.
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