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Sosua Fishing Charters

A Fishing charter in Sosua can be a supreme experience when you have the proper yacht, crew and gear. The early morning shift is usually the best for experienced anglers, though we also find big fish in the afternoon shift. The coast off Puerto Plata and Sosua has several designated buoy GPS points where the yachts will sail to, because those are the breeding grounds where large fish like the Atlantic Blue Marlin hunt the smaller ones such as Sardines and Ballyhoos.

All our charters include crew, gear, and fully equipped, certified yachts. Available drinks are sodas, beer, and water bottles. Snacks can be light sandwiches and chips, as we do not recommend eating heavy while sailing. There are two ice boxes in the yacht to keep drinks cold. Please read the FAQ for most frequently asked questions.

Charter Rates

The charter rates vary with the size of the yacht, number of people and length of time. Standard charters in the Viking or Hatteras:

  • 7:30 am – 12:30pm  up to 14 people US$650.00; up to 17 people US$750.00
  • 1:00 pm – 5:00pm    up to 14 people US$650.00; up to 17 people US$750.00
  • 5:30 pm – 7:30pm    up to 14 people US$550.00; up to 17 people US$650.00
  • The luxury charter booking the Post yacht #1555 offers a higher level, rates are $1,100.00 for 10 people from 8am to 12 or 1pm-5pm

The last shift is a sunset cruise, mostly used by people to sail and enjoy the sunset. Birthday parties are also common, we can organize a full party with cake, decoration, specialized drinks, photographer ( aerial and sea level ), fine cigars and even live music.


Timeline of a fishing charter in Sosua:

  • Booking the charter
  • Arrival on the designated date and time
  • Boarding the fast boat at Sosua Beach
  • Departure from the bay in Sosua
  • Trolling, sailing parallel to the coast, then full North
  • Enjoying a beer, snack, sodas, music ( aux available )
  • Excitement moments, action
  • Photo ops
  • Return to port ( Sosua Bay )

In between the tour, some will take time to enjoy and relax in the middle of the blue Atlantic Ocean, in perfect harmony with planet Earth at its best. Occasional turtles, dolphins, flying fish or manta rays are casual sights. While some think a full day charter is a must, most will be happy to spend 4 hours and then return back to their hotel or villa.

Fishing Route Map

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